Wholesale Custom Candle Boxes

We at Duke Designing & Packaging sell  Wholesale Custom Candle Boxes. We are the best in the area and we guarantee you that no matter what and who you are you can’t compete with our product. All the material for our product is biodegradable and the ink we use on it is non-toxic. We know that in the case of candles all that matters is the outer look because inside they are almost alike. So, what could help you to stand out from your competition in the world is the quality of your packing material. Suppose you have started a new business and you want to compete with others in the market. So, what you would do differently to make your mark? Such questions arise in the minds of someone who haven’t been in the field before. They know that no matter what they have to do to get their impression out there to the consumers they will. So, we as an expert in establishing and helping new competitors in the market will say that there are 2 things on which you have to work on to get your name to the top of the list. They are 1). Your Packing Quality. 2) Your products quality.

If you work on these 2 things then we at duke assure you that no matter what, you’ll get there at the top soon enough. The quality of packing will attract customers and one who sees will want to buy it, that’s how exceptional our work is the next thing is up to you the quality of the product. We will make sure the customers choose your products from the hundreds out their but what you have to make sure that if he chooses your product then your quality is so appealing that he wants to stay using your product. Now try to make your product as appealing as you can, make it long-lasting, make it scented, make it flavored, etc. No matter what you have to do you do it,

Customer Service:

Our customer service is the best, we are available for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We know what you need to get your business up and running. We also know how to give you the best or suggest you to choose the best. Our customer service can also make designs according to your instructions i.e. if you want to try yours, we can make them for you. All our consultation services are free. We provide free delivery of Wholesale Custom Candle Boxes of minimum 100 pieces. No less than this quantity and we provide shipment across all the states of USA & Canada. Our shipment will reach to you within 6-7 working days. We never miss our deadline and we have several happy clients from all over the world, you can check our website for this. This is enough to prove our credibility and performance. We have installed several heavy machines, all of which are automatic. They save us a lot on labor cost so, what we do here is throw some of our profit in the market i.e. sell our product at cheaper price as compared to the market which in return makes our client happy and they then bring in more orders and clients i.e. in short it’s a circle that then continues.