Trading Real Estate on Instagram: Is it possible? How to make?

Trading real estate on Instagram is a skill every real estate agent needs. Like it or not, these processes are part of our new world and we need not only adapt.

But learn and use and extract the best from digital tools. Simply “going” to social media because everyone is going is not a good alternative. You have to go with purpose and, above all, knowing what you are doing.

Social networks can change, change between one and another, but it is a fact that they are a reality. This type of tool will hardly “end” overnight. Because it is a business model that is constantly being approved and has already proved to be very profitable for those who create and for those who advertise.

And precisely for that reason, you also need to think with a digital bias: how to sell real estate on social networks? What are the best ways to join and stay in this environment? blue world city Lahore will take a few steps towards that from now on.

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Real Estate on Instagram: Is it possible to trade there?

Selling real estate on Instagram can seem too technological and far away. But believe me: it’s possible. Not only is it possible, you need to adapt to this reality.

If your real estate agency is not on social media yet, know that you should think about it. Not just to follow a trend. But yes, so that you can expand the range of real estate marketing actions.

As we mentioned earlier, simply taking your real estate onto social media for no apparent reason is not a good idea. On the contrary. The corporate image may not be well regarded, if there is not a good management work in the platforms.

That’s why doing it right from the start is very important.

Among other “correct” actions are negotiations. Trading through Instagram is possible and viable. But, it is necessary to adapt to the space, language and local processes.

And to help you with that, we’ve separated a step by step so that we can, together, understand how to trade real estate on the platform.

See below.

How to negotiate real estate on Instagram – Step by step

Learning to trade real estate on Instagram is one of the 21st century skills every realtor needs to learn. After all, there is no way to simply ignore the changes in the world.

We either embark on them or we fall behind. And precisely because of that, we’ll help you better understand what criteria you need to consider so that there are good deals on Instagram.

See the step by step below:

  • Get a sense of what the social network really is and represents;
  • Understand your target audiencein order to communicate in their language;
  • Use persuasive devices to build desire – Mental triggers;
  • Listen more and talk less;
  • Understand where you can compromise – Know the product and its value;
  • Work with margins – Never trade on the edge;
  • Try to bring the Instagram user closer to your real estate;

Of course, simply looking at these topics coolly makes it difficult to put them into practice. After all, each one of them reserves a series of elements and criteria that also need to be considered and explored.

But do not worry! From now on, we’ll talk in detail about each of the above topics.

Come on?


Get a sense of what the social network really is and represents

The first step to start selling real estate on Instagram is to be aware of what this social network represents. As with all the new places we enter (in “physical” life), we need to understand and recognize how everything works.

And in the digital environment, of course, it’s no different. You need to understand all the motivations, emotions, feelings and purposes of the social network in question.

In the case of Instagram, we are talking about a social photo network. In other words, people connect and create profiles there, to share photos and moments. Whether via Stories, IGTV or feed.

The idea of ​​the social network is to be a space where people show their lives, openly and with a “backstage” bias. That’s why we can see many more beautiful photos over there than on LinkedIn or even Facebook.

Each social network has a different purpose and people, of course, act this way.

And you, as a broker or broker, need to keep this behavior in mind so that you can build a language within this context as well.

So, avoid posting ads, complex graphic arts and focus more on photos, videos and materials that make people not think that your real estate is there “just to sell”. This is the first step to a successful negotiation: getting attention in a positive way.

To complement your reading, see here what to post on each social network.

Understand your audience to be able to communicate in their language

The second step then is to understand your target audience.

This is the only way to communicate effectively and respecting the language of the people you attract there. But what does it mean to “understand” the audience? In practice, you will have to structure ways to be able to interpret the behavior of your fan base.

It’s necessary to understand what they like, what they don’t like, what they like, what they don’t like, who they follow, etc. These “clues” will be fundamental for you to be able, in a very efficient way, to focus on individualities.

But in practice, what changes for the better when you understand your audience? Something subtle but extremely important: communication.

It’s through communication that you can connect with the people you want. And more important than that: get the message you want to get across! Whether this message is a sales letter, an advertisement or whatever.

Communication needs to happen in three stages: sender (your real estate), medium (Instagram) and receiver (your followers). And the connection is generated only when this process does not have noise interruptions.

These noises, in turn, can be difficult words, unfamiliar expressions, high or too cold tone, etc.

Effective communication is one in which the person understands what you mean, clearly and directly, without noise. And you achieve this, of course, by understanding your target audience.


Use Persuasive Tricks to Build Desire – Mental Triggers

Building wishes is one of the best ways to trade real estate on Instagram.

It is through persuasion that many sales can be made to your real estate agency. And for that, there are several ways to build and consolidate this persuasion. And the main one is the use of mental triggers.

We’ve already talked here on the blog about mental triggers for realtors and how this “tool” can be amazing in everyday life. After all, it not only builds the all-important persuasion, it also awakens several sensations that can make your prospect effectively buy a property.

And using this type of technique on social media is even more interesting because you have a very wide and global reach. In other words, you don’t rely exclusively on the famous word of mouth to put your actions into practice.

Just build your Instagram audience and talk to them in a thoughtful and planned way.

The idea here is not to show the power of every mental trigger. But yes, show how they can fit into a good Instagram sales strategy. And for that, you can use some of these:

  • Authority;
  • Scarcity;
  • News;
  • Social proof;
  • Anticipation;
  • Urgency;

Of course, these aren’t the only ones. But by focusing on mastering, applying, and extracting results from just two, three, or four triggers, you’re sure to notice a huge positive difference.

Listen more and speak less

This is one of the most valuable tips that, unfortunately, few people put into practice: listen more and speak less. This isn’t some kind of “grandmother’s advice” or anything like that.

It’s a reality that can be implemented very well in any professional marketing strategy. After all, even before selling a product, we need to understand who is going to buy that product. And for that, we need to listen.

The more information we can capture about our prospects, the better the conversion results. After all, with the right information, we can prepare sales pitches, make proposals and offer exclusive benefits that will make all the difference for that prospect in question.

And, of course, the same goes for trading real estate on Instagram. The more you can listen to your target audience and followers, the better your posts, dialogues and sales pitches will be.

It is from this action that you can have and develop the most incredible strategies to generate sales on social networks and, of course, in the offline world.

To apply the culture of “listen more and speak less”, prepare questions, questionnaires, surveys, interactive posts and any type of content that can generate engagement.

It is from this engagement that you will have good online insights to be able to sell more in the medium and long term. This goes for posts, conversations, chats, videos and all kinds of material you may produce.


Understand where you can compromise – Know the product and its value

Never enter a trade without knowing where you can compromise. This is one of the most important tips we can give you not only so you can trade real estate on Instagram. But also, you can trade real estate in a broad way.

After all, a negotiation is nothing more than a conversation. And a conversation is an exchange. But in the case of negotiation, there are two parties that seek to reach an agreement.

One of the parties wants to sell, and one of the parties wants to buy. The part that wants to sell, most of the time, will have to work hard to get good results. And the part you want to buy, too. In other words, the two sides are in a tug of war, until both parties agree with the proposal.

Saying all this, of course, is theory. A negotiation involves much more than just prices and needs. It involves something that cannot be predicted or planned: psychology.

After all, each human being is unique and will also have a unique behavior. No matter how much you have a “plan”, it will hardly be followed to the letter for everlasting forever. There will be changes according to the situations presented. After all, this isn’t a simple math equation.

And the “cat leap” is knowing how far you can yield and what you can yield. These will be your main weapons to get a sale going without breaking the standards or expectations. After all, selling at any price can be a mistake, isn’t it?

Work with margins – Never trade to the limit

This tip for negotiating real estate on Instagram is closely related to the previous tip. Having margins is one of the best insights you can come up with once you start analyzing each of your sales or deals.

The margin is what gives you security so that you can take a position or make some kind of counterproposal.

For example, if the price of the property is X, why offer the customer the discount limit when you’re pretty sure he’s going to ask for a discount?

When you can offer a discount, the customer will be satisfied. And you will still be doing a good deal, as you had room to negotiate.

Can you see the importance of this simple action? This is what will allow you to survive on any real estate business journey.

Try to bring the Instagram user closer to your real estate

And finally, bring the client or prospect close to your real estate agency.

But what does this mean? Try to “take” the user from a mere Instagram follower, to a potential customer, within your prospect base.

Try to “humanize” each of those numbers you have on your account. After all, ten followers is not just ten followers. There are ten potential customers.

Use a good real estate CRM to start building a base of prospects coming from Instagram and, with that, you will have even more “field” to make good deals.

Count on Ville Imob and good sales.