Radiation Controlling System

Lifetime Radon Mitigation is providing best services to its clients. We follow all the rules and regulations of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Radon Safety Board (NRSB). According to EPA, if the level of radon is above 4pCi/L or above then it should be mitigated and we are at your service to do that.

As our process firstly involves the visual survey of the place after that the whole system is installed. In the mitigation visual survey, it is determined and find out that how much quantity of radon is present, with which process it can be easily removed and how much powerful fan is required for the gas to be effectively removed.

After complete inspection, radon mitigation system installation starts. System consists of pipes, elbows and fan. The hole is dig in the basement of the house with the mechanical force. After it, inside assembly is installed then fan is next in the line and finally the outer duct if assembled.

The installation process can be completed within a week and we assure you to serve you with best technology.

After the complete installation of the radon mitigation system it is necessary to inspect the system seldomly.

There are two tests, either can be done to know the radon quantity is specific area. DIY radon test, Electret radon test.

DIY kit is either alpha track or charcoal. Charcoal tests absorb the radon in the air for a specified amount of time, and once in the lab, the radioactive particles emitted by the charcoal are counted or converted to light, giving a radon level readout. Alpha track tests use a plastic film that is stamped by the alpha particles that strike it. In the lab, the tracks are counted and radon level can be known.

The electret test uses a Teflon disc which is statically charged. When an ion generated from radon decay strikes the disc, the electrical charge is reduced, and that reduction is measured in the lab. Active tests are the only ones that require electrical power. They use a continuous monitoring device to detect and record your radon levels the entire duration of the test.

Main reason of the drain pipe to not have cap is that when gas contacts with the cap in winter season, the gas will possibly convert to liquid state and eventually it will freeze. And this will act as a barrier in the flow of gas to outer atmosphere.

Fan cover has the extra flange for the screws so that it become easy to install and tighten up the cover with wall or with the back metallic plate. There is a Back Plate which is to be attached with the wall to provide smooth installation of the fan. The cover body of the fan is made with the best PVC. The cover itself is Ultraviolet Radiations protected thus overall life span of the radon mitigation system is improved.

We assure you to provide the best radon mitigator systems in Wisconsin.