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As far as the landscaping is concerned, Henderson is providing beautiful resolutions to your problems. Landscaping Las Vegas is the biggest firm in the town and we assure you to provide unique and long-lasting landscaping opportunities.


What do we offer?

We offer various landscaping options with ease. Just contact us, tell us what you want to do about your place and we will provide you with the possible solutions in no time.

You can do various things about beautiful landscaping. Due to landscaping, we can change your way of living. We can convert your place into a useful residence.

Our Services

Here the list of our services we are providing.


Artificial Turf

If you are done with the maintenance of natural grass, here is the solution. We suggest artificial turf. It is a layer of non-natural grass. It requires less care. There is no need to water the artificial turf. The fitting process includes visual inspection and installation of the artificial turf. There are three types of turf polypropylene, nylon and polyethylene. As artificial turf is quite smooth and adjustable, there is no danger towards pets, adults and children. Considering the location, turf type is finalized because turf life depends on many factors. Artificial turf is a one-time investment. With artificial turf, there is no need to water the lawn. Ground preparation and grass removal expenses are also reduced. Another amazing feature of artificial turf is that it can withstand extreme weather conditions.

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Kitchen and BBQ spots with ease

Another vital opinion for landscaping is an outdoor kitchen embedded with BBQ option. Such a feature provides you environment like an outing. Before going for the outdoor kitchen facility, there are things to consider. Firstly and most importantly, place if system installation. It is finalized that how much space kitchen system will cover. Because the place is the key factor and boundaries of kitchen depend on it. After it, the next step is finance, which totally depends on the client’s pocket. If he/she belongs to an elite class, a high standard kitchen can be built. After that, the main concern is the location of the multi functional kitchen. Because mostly prefer to have an outdoor kitchen in the backyard, there is enough space to install the system and a beautiful and perfect sitting system can be arranged. Next step is design and construction. For construction, we have options stones, teak and stainless steel. However, we prefer to use stainless steel as it shows good resistance towards corrosion and erosion.


Fire pits

The fire pit is a physical where burning is done and apparently, there is no risk of fire spreading. It is the safest place to gather in winter seasons with family and friends. It also provides a beautiful environment, there is the fire in the center and people are sitting around it, splendid feelings. There are various categories of fire pits depending upon the fuel types. Wood burning fire pits use wood as fuel. They require plenty of time to start. Such pits also eject smoke and leave ashes. Natural gas fire pits use gas and cause less pollution.