How to be a good real estate agent, a good real estate advisor and the best seller

Within the framework of our previous articles in which we mentioned the need to know your client while explaining why, today we delve deeper into how to be a good real estate agent.

The best real estate agents at Capital Smart City Islamabad tend even to establish a close relationship with their clients to the point of becoming practically friends, but is it necessary to reach that point? Positive and possibly useful it is. Necessary, no.

However, it is necessary to strengthen ties with those clients most likely to close a deal. In most cases, the personality of the real estate seller plays a crucial role: the more outgoing, friendly, friendly and close, the better relationship will be established. But there are certain real estate sales techniques  that, applied to the first conversations with potential clients, can also be decisive to be the best real estate agent in the world.

 How to be a good real estate agent and a good real estate advisor

Ask the right questions

How many times have you shown a home physically or through your real estate website that you could have assured was the one your clients dreamed of? And how many times has it not been like this? The first problem of understanding is in the way of asking about the requirements that the house must have.

The typical questions that are usually asked, such as number of rooms, bathrooms, floor or other type of housing, garden, area where the client would like to be located are answered with monosyllables; a number, a “yes” or “no”. They are not generating the close relationship sought with the client.

What do you think if instead of asking how many rooms they want you are interested in knowing what use they want to give each of them? In this way, you will have a much more precise idea of ​​the type of housing that the client is looking for: Larger, smaller rooms, located north, south, very bright …

Someone who loves to cook will want to have a very complete, large kitchen with plenty of room to move around. And this is not usually mentioned on the first visit to the agency unless you ask them directly about their tastes.

The better they answer, the more you ask

If you feel that the client is willing and open to establish that close relationship with you, it is time to ask any question that may be related to what they are really looking for.

Do not be afraid to ask after an answer if it has led you to another topic that can help you direct the sale of the home.

Do not forget that it is essential to know your local market i.e Islamabad property to be a good seller of real estate.

This initial question-answer “game” may have a weakness: the time comes when you don’t know exactly how to respond to customer expectations because you don’t know your local market.

You must be fully prepared and know your profession by heart. And this is where the constant training on the real estate market comes into play. But be careful to want to cover too much (and squeeze little …). Knowing everything possible about your local market will be enough. Each location is different and has its own characteristics.

And yours is in your hands …

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In 2007 the Technical Building Code (CTE) was approved, mandatory for any new building under construction.

In 2013 it appeared the obligation for every homeowner to obtain an energy certificate in which the efficiency of the houses for sale in Islamabad was evaluated, both for sale and for rent.

By 2020 it is expected to achieve the European 20-20-20 goal of emission reduction and energy savings

Housing expenditure Certification A and G

The energy certificate of the homes that have requested it is classified on a scale ranging from A (maximum efficiency) and G (minimum efficiency).

Surprisingly, the difference in energy savings between a house with A certification and another with G certification could reach 2500 euros per year. Even so, only 5% of the flats or houses that have requested the study have obtained a grade A, compared to 43% of graco G.

If we take into account the estimated annual expenditure needed in a house according to its type of certification, a house A would barely invest 200 euros annually in electricity; a house with B certification would need 430 euros; with a graduation C 560 euros of expense are necessary; a D, 825 euros and thus progressively increases energy investment until reaching the G, whose expenditure is estimated at 2500 euros per year.

Is it possible to improve a home to get an A?

Yes, but it also entails a disbursement, since certain reforms that could be of greater or lesser depth would need to be carried out depending on the degree of departure. Among the improvements should be noted the replacement of windows with PVC, which would lead to a saving of 30% per year; the acquisition of a mixed boiler, instead of electric heaters and radiators (the savings would be 63% per year in this case) or the installation of solar panels, which would result in an annual energy saving of 88%).

Perhaps, with this data in hand, you, as a real estate professional, can influence the decision of the client that sells or rents to obtain their energy certificate, as well as the relevant reforms to improve the certification rating. Without a doubt, this will increase the value of housing.