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You were on a ride and suddenly hit by some debris or flying stone and the windshield get in trouble. No problem, Grand Junction is providing the best solution to your hitches. Front windshield Grand Junction co assembly is capable of repairing or replacing the broken windscreen of your car.

First, let me explain to you what are the possible reasons behind the cracking of the windshield.


Possible reasons to deteriorate windshield


  • Debris
  • Tangent throwing flying stone
  • Accidentally collision

These are the possible reasons for the breaking of windscreen glass. An accident can cause severe damage to the vehicle and passengers. Flying stones are also an important factor for windshield breaking. It might be possible that another fast-moving vehicle passed by and due to the speed of the type, the road stone accelerated and it is like a tangent to the circle. This stone has enough capacity to cause damage to the windscreen and window glasses. Furious passing stone is even enough to kill a person if it hit the person’s soft and fragile parts. Therefore, unintentionally there can be various causes for the damaging of the vehicle’s glassware.

Grand Junction serves you with the best and budget-friendly services. Now let me tell you about the possible damages. Damage can be either crack or chip formation.



A crack is generally formed across the length of the windscreen. The crack length can vary from few inches to the whole horizontally length. Moreover, there are many possible reasons for crack formation; stones, worse weather, vehicle collisions, drastically changing temperatures and third quality glass installation. For the long-lasting age of the windscreen, quality matters.



Chips are formed when roadside debris strikes directly the windshield. Chips formation is like a glowing star. There is a hole in the center and there is cracks formation around it.

The cracks and chips formation can cause additional damage if someone ignores them. There are two possible solutions to overcome the damages due to chips and cracks.


  1. Repairing

Before repairing, there is a visual inspection to estimate the windscreen damage. For repairing, there are few considerations to understand. In the case of crack repairing, the maximum allowed length is fourteen inches and to repair a chip maximum allowed damage size is 3 inches. If the damage is in between these limits, repairing is possible but if the crack or chip size is over the limit, then repairing is not favorable. This is because we perform repairing according to the rule and regulations of the National Windscreen Repair Association and length limits are regulated by NWRA.


  1. Replacement

When repairing is not desirable and possible, the replacement of the windscreen is done. Grand Junction has the trained crew and only prefers to use high quality and the best material available at that time. Replacement involves the removal of broken screens and the careful installation of the new windshield.

Similarly, rare screen and side windows of the car are treated. Firstly, we go for the repairing and if repairing is not possible, we perform the replacement.