Content Marketing: “Selling Real Estate has never been so easy

The content marketing the safest way to create your personal brand as estate agent. Your colleagues and colleagues by profession can consider you an excellent professional; But what really matters is that your potential clients consider you as such. The first gives you recognition and prestige; but the second gives you money.

I’m glad to say that content marketing has finally reached the real estate sector including real estate Pakistan. Now is when the client will know how to distinguish a professional agent from a beginner. Selling real estate has never been easier with real estate content marketing . Ah! But only for professional real estate agents. And also for real estate agencies that implement it.

Inexperienced agents, for beginners and non-professionals, (those whose gray hair reflects age; but not wisdom) , can not take advantage of content marketing to sell real estate. For 2 reasons:

1.- because it is not in your mentality and work habits . Content marketing requires “a little hard” work.

2.- Their little knowledge and / or prejudices of the real estate sector will not allow them to reflect in their content material what their clients really want.

But what is content marketing ? This new sales technique used for years in Anglo-Saxon countries that consists in creating and distributing relevant content for clients and potential clients with the aim of bringing them to the company and connecting with them. Let’s analyze how to use content marketing to sell more real estate, faster.

Content Marketing: You need Preparation.

We have said “create and distribute relevant content”. This is what retracts many real estate agents to not want to know anything with content marketing. In addition to investing some of your time in search and writing work, you have to know about real estate copywriting, use of keywords, know how to write properly and know how to choose the information that interests your potential clients.

Content marketing smells like work. However, the reward for real estate agents who use it is huge.  I give the example of Richard Soto, a real estate agent from the city of Puebla, Mexico.

When Richard first heard the term content marketing he knew that was what he was going to do. Richard, who works in a real estate agency, has revolutionized the company with his way of helping the customer to buy. Now the real estate agency uses content marketing in all its sales strategies. Richard started seeing results, more customers, better customers and less complicated sales in less than 4 months.

Richard began by writing a report or dossier on “The 5 Steps to Follow to Sell Your Fast in Puebla . ” It took 2 weeks to write it, dedicating 1-2 hours a day. This was followed by another and another. In 2 months Richard offered 4 different dossiers to his clients with valuable information: about mortgages, about removals, about reforms … He chose one of the reports and offered them for free on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

What Content Marketing has done for some Real Estate Agencies.

Seeing that Richard increased his sales and was one of the agency’s most requested agents , his colleagues also wanted to send Richard’s dossier to his clients. The results were not delayed; Sales at the real estate agency increased more than 50% in less than 4 months. And most importantly, the agency has gained prestige in the district of Puebla.

Checking the effectiveness of content marketing for a real estate agency, management last August drew up an action plan for the months September – December, using content marketing. The agency, which has experienced the enormous potential of content marketing , has hired a full-time freelance journalist to maintain an agency blog and post content on Facebook.

As the agency director of Blue World City told me last week, a total of 60 articles may be in circulation in 4 months. You already have planned those who will publish at Christmas. All thanks to Richard and his 1st report.

Content marketing is NOT the writing of promotional material. It is the wording of quality information that is offered to the potential buyer free of charge and sometimes in exchange for information.

The real estate content marketing will undoubtedly increase the sales of any real estate agency. Now, in real estate, it is a matter of who does content marketing and who does not. In the near future, the question will be which agency makes the best content marketing.

The next step of Richard’s agencies? Start recording informative videos . They will use the content of most of the blog articles to record informative videos, which together with the real estate videos, corporate videos and videos of the area, will mix it in the playlists they will promote online.

You know. You need to start your Content Marketing strategy now, creating your own Information Guide, recording videos and creating a blog. Do it and within 6 months you will notice the substantial change of your business. For better.

I would appreciate your leaving us a comment on this article. Do you think a content marketing strategy consumes a lot of time? Your opinion interests us. Thank you.