Bintan – The ultimate den of adventure!

Adventure enthusiasts must visit Bintan Island and experience the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) rides once in their lifetime. This cycling takes you through the jungle terrain and thrills you to the core. People who prefer trekking can take the challenge of the Gunung Bintan which is 340m tall and is surrounded by rainforest. Rare species of animals like the silver leaf monkey, eagles, kites and sun birds could be seen here. The visit to the Bintan Elephant Park to see the seven Sumatran Elephants and their performance is also very entertaining. Let us see the attractions one by one. Get rid from stress with Pure Wave Massager in just minutes.


Try cycling in the middle of the green nature around you through the winding roads and lush forest. It’s a most adventurous activity suggested by those who visit Bintan island resort. As you proceed, view the blue lakes along the old rustic villages. Participating in the annual cycling event called the Tour de Bintan can be a life time experience for you.

All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and Minicar

All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) are small size open motor cars popularly known as the quads. It is a four-wheeler available at all the nine resorts of Bintan to ride on the rugged topography of Bintan. At Nirwana ATV arrangers plan two adventurous routes for the riders. One is through the dense jungle where as the other one is on the sandy beaches. Riders below 12 years have to be accompanied by adults for safety reasons. People can enjoy the rides in small troops with the ATV action staff.

Power Paintball

This is a unique team game where two teams attack each other to grab each other’s flag with paintball guns. Once shot the player is out of the game. The paintballs as bullets add fun to the game

Go Kart

Go Kart is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Bintan Island Resorts. Small motor cars running with petrol are rode with helmets on the head. This is like a mini sports car racing with a speed of 50km per hour on a track of 375m length. Minimum height of the rider has to be 1.4m to participate in the ride.

Adventure trek at Gunung Bintan

Trek in the 340m high Gunung Bintan surrounded by dense tropical rain forest. You will be amazed with the flora and fauna of the place as you see the 40m high trees seem like almost touching the sky. See the wild durian, mangosteen, jack fruit, banana, papaya and pineapple trees as you proceed the trekking.

Elephant shows

The Sumatran elephants here will show their social sides and will take your breath away with their choreographed performances. Your guide will tell you about how these elephants are trained to do such activities. Visitors can enjoy elephant rides after the show.

Top 3 Vitamins For Stronger And Longer Eyelashes

Have you ever tried any eyelash serums that promise you with longer and stronger eyelashes or have you bathed the lashes with an array of nourishing oils? Getting longer and stronger eyelashes is something all desire but face a challenge having it in reality. Kudos to the technological advancement, today there are numerous methods which you can take into concern for having increased growth of eyelashes. However when you are concerned with how long does it take for eyelashes to grow, one of the best method is usage of vitamins. With this, you will probably step out for the market and return back confused thereby not being able to decide what to choose. To help you deal with this problem reliably, here are top 3 vitamins which you can use for having long, thick and strong eyelashes.

Take a look at these 3 vitamins boosting the growth of eyelashes:

  1. Biotin-

It is one of the most reliable vitamins one can use for the growth of eyelashes. Surprisingly, biotin can be found within the body itself and plays a very essential role in a good diet. Then the question is why would one take biotin as supplement when it is produced naturally in the body? The need of taking biotin as a supplement arises when your body is unable to produce enough amount of it or you lack biotin in your diet but is in desperate need of growing your eyelashes. Intake of biotin supplement increases the metabolic reactions in the body as well as the rate of the growth of eyelashes without resulting into any serious side effects. Biotin is itself available widely at numerous heath food outlets and also the supermarkets. Talking of how long does it take for eyelashes to grow using biotin, it is approximately 20 -25 days if you have normal hair growth cycle.

  1. Folic Acid-

It is widely taken in for boosting the nervous system but has also proven to be highly efficient in boosting the growth of the eyelashes. By serving as an agent that helps in increasing the production of the red blood cells in your body, folic acid assists in replacing and development of the new cells within the body. Alike biotin, it also increase the growth of eyelashes. Coming to how long does it take for eyelashes to grow with this vitamin, the time duration is somewhat like that taken by biotin but it is subject to variance depending upon your physical state as well as the condition of the eyelashes. Folic acid is easily available at retail stores or pharmacies but you need to keep the dosage in concern. For women, the intake amount should not exceed 200mcg and as of men, 400mcg.

  1. Hair-skin-nail formula tablets-

This is another popular vitamin promoting the growth of your hair and nail and maintaining the skin. Often referred as 3 in 1tablet, this one comes with numerous ingredients like folic acid, biotin, vitamin A,C,E and D, B12 and calcium. Though they are available in the medical stores but if you are unable to find, go online.

Final verdict

So, here you have these top 3 vitamins for having longer and dense eyelashes. But coming to how long does it take for eyelashes to grow, that entirely depends on firstly your hair growth cycle and secondly, the rate and regularity at which you are taking them in. To wrap with, do make sure not to take too many vitamins together or continuing the same over a huge time span as this might make your eyelashes bushy.